Reason #3: My Fitbit

Reason #3: My Fitbit

Why We're Becoming Digital Nomads

A series of reasons why Jess and I are leaving Hillsboro, Oregon and becoming Digital Nomads.

My Fitbit is mocking me.

Every hour, it informs me of how I've missed my sad little goal of 250 steps. 250 steps! That's the equivalent of walking down a block. That's how lazy I am apparently.

My daily target is 8,000 steps. My girlfriend's boss has a target of 10,000 and hits it on her walk during lunch. I'm getting lapped by a 64-year-old woman. 

This is bad.

I consider myself to be pretty active: I play basketball two to three times a week, and I lift every other day. But ever since I got this fitness tracker for myself, it shows me how incredibly content I am with sitting in my chair from 9 AM to 5 PM. It tells me on a weekly basis that I don't get enough sleep, I get up at X:50 throughout the day to get 214 more steps so I can "complete the hour," and at the end of the day I still only average about 6,000 steps, prompting an impromptu nighttime stroll.

I just want to Netflix and chill, not walk around my apartment complex at 11:45 PM like a creeper.

First world problems to the max.

I know, when Jess and I leave this sanctuary of sitting, that I will be walking everywhere in South Africa. The health benefits of travel are enormous; you eat food clear of pesticide, you walk constantly - the only cardio that won't increase your appetite - and there's usually an influx of sunshine. (We could all use a little more vitamin D.)

So screw you, Fitbit. You may scold me while I'm in America, land of the lazy and home of the inactive, but be warned:

I'm tossing you in the trash as soon as I get into international waters.

That is why we're leaving the country: Because my Fitbit is being an asshole.

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