Reason #2: Generation X


Reason #2: Generation X

Why We're Becoming Digital Nomads

A series of reasons why Jess and I are leaving Hillsboro, Oregon and becoming Digital Nomads.

Let me be clear: This isn't a bash on the generation above me. Far from it.

Generation X - the majority of people born between 1965 to 1976 - believed in security. The white picket fence, the 401(k), the two children and a dog American Dream...that was what the previous generation worked for. They made their living trying to get to the point where they could live without working, settling into the house and family that they built.

And this made them happy.

Fast forward to Gen Y (a.k.a. the Millennials), we roll to the beat of a different drum. Our drum tells us to explore the unknown, become who we want to be, follow your passions and never settle for something that isn't true to yourself. We crave exploration and income from our creative work and...okay, we still want the dog. 

But that is our American Dream. And this makes us happy.

Sometimes they call Generation X "the Lost Generation," because they never had the entrepreneurial spirit; they were never told to walk down the road less traveled, to see where their dreams go. Instead, they were content with staying close to home, putting a lock on a 40-year career they kind-of enjoyed and raising a family.

Are they bitter because of this? Perhaps some of them are. But I like to think they took what their parents told them (those darn Baby Boomers) and combined it with their own desires to form a lifestyle they could be comfortable in.

The same goes for us Millennials. All jokes aside, we're most comfortable being uncomfortable, being challenged and using our talents to provide income for ourselves. We take what our concerned parents taught us - be polite, don't go to Portland after dark, go to college - and paired it with our ambitions to travel and be unique and share our adventures with the world. 

We can be smart about things AND travel.

So that is why Jess and I are pursuing our passions: Because Generation X got to reach for their dreams and live life how they wanted. All we want is the same opportunity.