Our aesthetic adventure


My name is Jake Lyda. My girlfriend Jess and I are about to embark on our greatest journey ever: Becoming Digital Nomads, starting with living for three months in Cape Town, South Africa!

Now this seems nuts, doesn't it? I mean, all I've ever known for the last 23 years is the state of Oregon. However, Jess is somewhat of a travel expert, and I'm quickly learning from her. She has been to over 20 countries, graduated from an American college in Switzerland as a Valedictorian, and has now started her own digital marketing company, Genuine Conversations Media...so I feel like I'm in good hands!

This is a documentation of our life, beginning with the process of leaving everything behind, reasons for making such a bold decision, conversations we have with other people about becoming digital nomads, and more. Then, once we're out in the world, this will serve as an educational and inspirational saga for being successful digital nomads.

Jess and I are incredibly stoked for this chapter in our lives. We hope you join us!

  Jake & Jess are ready for adventure!

Jake & Jess are ready for adventure!